NuBandage – 2×5 – Vented – Low Compression




The most advanced bandage technology proven to protect, support and assist in the acceleration of wound healing and support during injuries. This new bandage technology comes from the USA.

Engineered for frontline professionals NuBandage offers new technology that is uniquely different from traditional cohesive or conform bandages. NuBandage is a tubular bandage that expands, retracts, articulates and conforms to the extremities like no other bandaging device in wound care today. NuBandage is a one piece mould injected tubular TPE bandage that has no seams, buckles or fasteners.

  • Easy to apply and reusable
  • Replaces traditional bandages and wraps
  • Holds wound dressings, sub-bandages (Soffban or Gamgee) and medical devices of all types in place
  • Available in solid and vented options to allow air flow
  • Antimicrobial and cooling
  • Use either low, medium or high compression depending on the amount of subbandaging, compression or wound support required
  • NuBandage technology saves time, saves money and gives improved patient comfort and outcomes. Total cost savings of over 87% compared to traditional bandaging.

What makes NuBandage different?

Unlike short stretch woven bandages, NuBandage is a long stretch non-woven silky soft rubbery material called Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) that is specifically designed and formulated to be antimicrobial, hand washable and reusable and that can expand up to 4x its original size.

NuBandage is unique in the fact that it can reduce swelling, add support and interfaces with the wound bed keeping medicines in place without shifting or movement of dressings and eliminates additional trauma such as skin tears and pressure points that can cause longer and more expensive recoveries.

NuBandage – 2×5 – Vented – Low Compression

Dimensions: 5 x 12,5 cm / Range 20 – 40 cm

Compression: low compression

Compressionvalue: 6,2 – 9,9 mmHg

Therapyguide: dressing, protecting and securing medical devices or low support.

Low Compression: Allows higher volumes of subbandaging material. Helps relieve minor swelling.

Recommended Retail Price: € 49,50



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