Yeastosol is an easy pump spray without any antibiotics or hormones.

The patented formula can be used on a daily basis to treat Malassezia pachydermatis. (yeasts)

. In most cases it takes about 14 days to get all yeasts under control. This depends on the severity of the infection.

Yeastosol can also safely be used as prevention or upkeep.

Sweet Itch is a mild washgel, specially developed for the sensitive skin.

Sweet Itch can be used on animals that suffer from eczema, allergy, flaky skin, sensitive skin or in case of sweet itch. The washgel doesn’t contain any perfumes or colorants, calms the skin and reduces itch. 

Can be used for small animals and horses.

Cerazinc Cream eases the irritated, red skin and advances wound healing. The cream contains medicinal honey and zincoxide, without any added antibiotics or hormones.

Zinkoxide protects, dries blemishes, reduces itch and cools. 

Cerazinc does not close off the skin and does not irritate sensitive skin. Cerazinc is suitable for companion animals and horses.