I’m having a bad hair day!

Itch, Fur & Eczema

There are more and more horses and dogs that have skin and fur problems. In ratio, there are quite a lot. When the animal suffers from these problems, you are desperate to find a solution or treatment. Animals can suffer from itching, bald patches, scaling, extreme agitation or eczema. The animal can sometimes suffer from one of the symptoms, but often there is a combination of different symptoms. Your animal can even become sluggish and lifeless or overly active.

If your animal suffers from skin and/or fur problems, it is very important to have this examined by a veterinarian or veterinary dermatologist. They can determine the underlying problems. Meanwhile, it is important to use a mild and gentle care for the skin. If you suffer from severe itch, you probably do not want to use a product that is irritating or full of perfumes. In addition, a caring cream can also help a lot.

More about the symptoms

Skin problems can occur in all kinds of gradations and can be very annoying for the animal. The skin becomes thinner and therefore more sensitive to damages, irritations and inflammations.

The fur and therefore the hair have a certain lifespan. This means that they will fall out after a while and a new hair will replace them. Due to the often changing climate in the Netherlands, some animals do not even have clear moulting periods anymore, but they keep on shifting all year round. This certainly applies to animals that live in the home and do not have to deal with clear temperature changes. This can therefore vary per animal species.

More about the treatment

Does your animal suffer from skin and/or fur problems? Please ensure a good neutral wash gel. You do not always have to wash the whole body with this, but you can wash the affected areas with it. The Remedy+ Sweet Itch is ideal for horses and dogs with sensitive skin problems. The Sweet Itch can even be used in the winter with a sponge (horses).