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Since 2005 we are specialised in developing products that have a problem solving aspect for the use in case of skin-irritations, wounds and yeast infections. without added antibiotics or hormones.

Optimal Care!

With our pets as a part of the family, the health of the animal is just as important as our own. That is why we say 'no', to unnecessary use of certain ingredients or medicines. We treat them, like we treat ourselves.

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Remedy+ has been extensively tested in practice. Through experience in the practice with the products, Remedy+ is endorsed by veterinary dermatologist M.W. Vroom

More about our company

HFL Laboratories is specialized in the production and development of products with a problem solving aspect. We mainly focus on products for treating discomfort, skin and nail problems.

Years of experience in the professional field and practice, has led to an effective and innovative line of products. All products have been tested within the practice and therefore have a great history of results. We are a dynamic company with ‘drive’ and a big focus on research and development.

We are constantly looking for new innovations and new ways to develop products that can help the client. Mainly without the use of unnecessary additives such as parabens, antibiotics or hormones.

HFL Laboratories has been actively developing products for the treatment of people since 2005 and has, based on this experience, also focused and developed products for the treatment of animals.

HFL Laboratories finds it essential to provide the right information about a product. Not solely from a technical perspective, but also from the practical view. From practice experiences the support and cooperation with veterinary dermatologist M.W. Vroom.

Every time HFL Laboratories develops a new product, this product is first tested in practice. In this way it is certain that the product works, how it works and what advice can be given. This gives a unique assurance with regard to quality and confidence in our products.

We supply products that can be of essential value for improving the life of the animal. In order to be able to help an animal in a good and responsible way, both human and animal should be happy. After all, animals cannot speak for them themselves, but can work with clear signals to indicate that the animal is missing something.
We continue to look at new technologies and options, but we never exclude older methods or ingredients.

What could be different and what could be better?

Curious for more information? You visit our website www.hfllaboratories.com.

Who is animal dermatologist M.W. VROOM?

Margreet is veterinary specialist in dermatology and Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology (ECVD). She graduated in 1983 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht, where she also completed her specialist dermatology training.

Vroom animal dermatologist has more than 25 years experience in the treatment of allergies, parasitic infections, bacterial infections and immune mediated skin diseases in dogs and cats.

“Every new skin patient is a challenge for me. It gives me a huge satisfaction when I can solve the skin complaints. In case of non-curable skin conditions, I work together with the owner to reach a treatment that enhances the quality of life for the dog or cat. During the anamnesis, the dog is always allowed to run away. They just sniff around for a bit and eventually they often settle down and lie with the boss in anticipation of what is to come. The dogs experience this as a more pleasant approach.

I find the idea behind the Remedy+ products very logical and therefore i decided to test the products in my own practice. The enthusiasm came when I saw very good results with use of the products. What really helps in the treatment of animals is that the product is easy and quick to use and also doesn’t contain unneccessary hormones or antibiotics. Based on this professional information, HFL decided to launch the products as they have proven to be effectice. 

Recently I’ve completed a study where we have compared the Yeastosol spray to an anti-yeast shampoo. The conclusion showed that more than 90% of the partcipants find the spray as effective as the shampoo. The study also showed that dog owners prefer the spray due to user-friendliness of spraying instead of washing and drying.

‘The evidence based conclusions give me enthusiasm for the products.’