Skin irritations and wounds

Every owner occasionally had to deal with it. Your animal has a wound or skin irritation. A wound is an injury to the natural tissue of the skin or epidermis. During wound healing, the body tries to repair this barrier as quickly as possible. Usually the recovery is faster when correct wound care is applied. The skin often repairs itself but with every injury of the skin there is an increased chance of infection and therefore further damage.

Skin irritations can vary from contact with a plant to a skin condition such as seborrhoea. A skin irritation causes the animal to bite, scratch or lick and this can lead to more problems.

The skin protects against external influences. In addition, the skin also ensures the storage of proteins, water and minerals. Moreover, it is an obstacle for pathogens that try to enter the body.

More about the skin

Continuing with the previous explanation, a protective layer of grease prevents outer micro organisms from entering the skin. Unfortunately, a number of factors can cause this fat layer to get unbalanced. As a result, the skin dries out and becomes more sensitive to external influences. It is very important to always use a pH neutral washgel when washing your animal. Pay attention to the pH value in these products as some still contain soap and therefore the pH value can still be too high or too low. pH is the abbreviation of the Latin term ‘Potentia Hydrogenii’ and means ‘hydrogen-ion concentration’. This value is used to distinguish  acids and bases and to indicate the value, or strength. The pH value is a protective ‘acid layer’ for the skin because the hydro-lipid film also contains water on the skin surface. Influences that play a role here are skin’s own acidic substances such as sweat, horn cells and sebum.

More about the treatment

The Remedy + Sweet Itch is perfect to use for washing irritated or eczema spots. In addition, it is important to take good care of the skin with a restorative, anti-inflammatory and itch reducing cream.
The Remedy + Cerazinc Cream is perfect for the care and treatment of these problems. Cerazinc cream soothes the irritated, red skin and promotes wound healing. The cream contains medical honey and zinc oxide, without any added antibiotics and/or hormones. Cerazinc has a calming effect on irritated spots caused by itching. Cerazinc does not close off the skin and doesn’t irritate with sensitive skin. Cerazinc is suitable for small animals and horses.