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in revolutionairy products for animal health care


The patented Yeastosol is a handy spray without any added antibiotics or hormones. The patented formula can be used daily for the treatment of Malassezia Pachydermatis. (yeasts).
No need to wash off or clean after use.

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Sweet Itch washgel is ideal to apply with animals who suffer from eczema, allergies, scaly / sensitive skin or summer eczema. The washgel has a soothing and itch-relieving effect. This product is pH neutral for the skin.

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Cerazinc cream soothes the irritated, red skin and enhances wound healing. The cream contains medical honey and zincoxide without any added antibiotics or hormones. Can also be used in case of Seborroe.

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The best in Bandaging

Unique products for recovery and treatment

The Smartphone sized laser

FDA approved and fully programmed!

Erchonia EVL Laser

The EVL Violet Laser System is the latest Erchonia invention with a super handy format of a ‘Smartphone’. It has a very user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) and a sleek wireless design. The EVL operates at a wavelength between 405nm and 635nm. The EVL Laser offers the therapist an innovative tool for an extensive range of new treatment methods for animal disorders. The EVL Violet laser system comes with an easy-to-use system with already installed protocols for dogs, cats, horses and exotics. For each animal already programmed channels.

* “This device is exclusively for Veterinary professionals or Scientific purposes. For other use, adequate education is required “